Abby Auerbach

Season 1 - Episode 10

Abby is the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at TVB (Television Bureau of Advertising), the national not-for-profit trade association representing the U.S. Television stations.

Abby’s moxie results from chutzpah and intention, and she’s cultivated it over her lifetime. She believes that people can develop moxie and that mentorship is a crucial way to do it. She is grateful to have had mentors who saw what she didn’t see in herself. Rising through the ranks of an industry with few women, Abby is determined to provide mentoring roles for younger women, particularly those in local broadcast TV. She considers this her pay-it-forward moxie. She tries to draw out the latent moxie she believes is in everyone through her mentorship.

She firmly believes in the role mentors play in identifying and cultivating younger professionals and promoting their confidence and ability to build their support and advisory network. This dedication to mentoring led her to launch TVB Next Women in 2020 – a program designed to identify, promote and advocate for women in local TV seeking career advancement. She currently serves as its Executive Director and hosts the “NEXT Women in Media” podcast. This past year, Abby brought her mentorship mission home. Working with HVRHS principal Ian Strever, she is developing a NEXT Women Mentorship Workshop for junior and senior girls in Region One. The program will officially launch in fall 2022.

Abby works with TVB’s CEO and board on the company’s strategic direction and has direct responsibility for advocacy, public relations, corporate communications, events/conferences, TVB NEXT Women, and She directs key industry initiatives from public service to technology, using TV’s persuasiveness to help stop drunk driving during the holidays to marshaling industry leaders’ support of state-of-the-art adtech platforms.

Abby serves on the Alliance for Women in Media and International Radio & Television Society boards. Her mentoring activities include membership in She Runs It, serving as a senior mentor. She is also a mentor for the University of the People. In 2019, she received the TVNewsCheck Women in Technology Futurist award.


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