The podcast

At Main Street Moxie – the podcast – we’re constantly being inspired by people who are mavericks in their own way. Our guests do the work and take leaps of faith in some part of their life, whether it’s personal or professional. It is thanks to that inspiration that we draw from our guests and our love of the spoken word that inspired the creation of this podcast.

Our guests had an idea – they created something – but then… they took a leap of faith – they took the plunge – all because they believed in themselves even in the face of self-doubt or the odds being against them, and as a result, made something new. They had creativity, a vision, and the necessary belief to pave a new way – they had MOXIE!

Main Street Moxie – the podcast – proudly made its debut in January 2022 and drops a a new episode on Moxie Mondays.


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