Bill Johnson

Season 3 - Episode 4

Bill Johnson believes moxie is essential for pursuing purpose, which he defines as becoming one’s best self in service of at least one thing larger than oneself. This self-knowledge and action directed outward are why we’re here—and why he’s here, too.

Known as the “Dream Dean,” Bill continues to refine his Life Design Catalyst program, immersing himself in it to gain deeper insight into his own “why.” This place of deeper understanding and a growth mindset on steroids fuels Bill’s work. His own journey inspires him to be one percent better each day. He believes in surrounding himself with people–his tribe–who challenge and support him.

After 34 years in higher education, he retired in June 2023 to pursue his true love—empowering people to initiate the self-discovery process to explore, express, and embrace purpose and possibilities to transform their lives and the lives of others. In short, he helps people find purpose and meaning in their lives to help others do the same.

Bill has held workshops that have trained thousands of people and worked with hundreds of institutions within and outside higher education to use the Life Design Catalyst curriculum to create workshops, programs, and courses that change the lives of those they employ and serve.

In his academic career, Bill worked extensively with students, faculty, and staff in various capacities at Davidson-Davie Community College, the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, the College of William and Mary, the College of New Jersey, and the University of Delaware. Bill has a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation and Parks Administration and a Master of Science Degree in Physical Education, both from the University of Delaware. He is also a certified Dream Coach, Spiritual Group Coach, and Wellness Coach with extensive Purpose and Life Coaching training.


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