Chef Faye Hess

Season 2 - Episode 7

Chef Faye Hess has the winning recipe for moxie. She mixes love, joy, curiosity, fearlessness, resilience, and gratitude to produce a moxie souffle that won’t collapse. In this episode, Faye explores how she came to her love affair with food and how cooking for herself and others has been a foundation for her happiness and growth. She embraces failure as an opportunity to learn and forges into the unknown with incremental steps and lots of reflection.

Faye currently cooks for private clients and runs residential cooking programs in Italy, Spain, France, and soon, Sicily. In her past careers, she prepared food in the film and television industry and co-founded several restaurants, including LIC Brick and 51st Bakery and Cafe. She also wrote and produced a radio show called “In the Kitchen” hosted on New York City’s WBAI radio station, and was a contestant on Chopped.

Besides cooking, she loves writing and has authored blogs and screenplays, taking ballroom dancing lessons, and living and traveling abroad. Her recent experience with breast cancer caused her to embrace life on a deeper level, seeking out adventures and people that feed her spirit.

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