Gratitude is the Attitude Thanksgiving Mini Episode with Thorunn and Mary

Season 1 - Episode 24

We are thankful for so much this year! And Thanksgiving is the perfect time to show that. In this mini-episode, we talk about what we’ve learned from guests about gratitude and moxie.

We also briefly explore the science of gratitude, how it benefits our well-being, and the power of saying thanks in our personal lives and workplaces.

We offer a heartfelt thank you to our sponsors over the past year, including Elyse Harney Real Estate, North East Ford, Oblong Books, Kneller Insurance Agency, Associated Lightening Rod Company, Hammertown, Catskill View Weddings, and Thorunn Designs.

We are indebted to our fabulous guests for sharing their moxie with us and suggesting how others can take small steps to amp up their moxie.

And, of course, we are grateful for all of you who listen to Main Street Moxie! You’re the reason why we’re here.


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