Introducing Moxie

Season 1 - Episode 1

Main Street Moxie was born out of our love of the spoken word and constantly being inspired by people, businesses, and organizations that are mavericks in their own way. Our guests took a leap, all because they believed in themselves, and as a result, made something out of nothing. They had a vision and the necessary belief, and paved a new way – they had MOXIE! You can learn from these moxie stories. We’re all capable of moxie in our lives and through our conversations with guests, you’ll learn how to move your own moxie along the moxie meter.

In this episode, listen in as Thorunn and Mary explain the “why” of Main Street Moxie and how they hope to help you build your own brand of moxie. There’s room for moxie in all of our lives. You’ll also meet Thorunn and Mary as your Moxie Mavens, asking the questions for you, so you can sit back, listen, and think about how moxie applies to you, where you are—right now!

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