Kamal Johnson

Season 1 - Episode 4

Kamal Johnson reveals his moxie through his all-hands-on-deck approach to life and governance. Elected in 2019, he began his second term as Mayor of Hudson, NY earlier this year.

He has changed his family’s narrative and advocated for a seat at the table for the city he grew up in and loves–Hudson, NY. He is the city’s youngest–elected at the age of 34–and first Black mayor.

As a child, Kamal’s family was directly impacted by poverty, addiction, and incarceration. These experiences inform his work as a community and youth advocate, and his vision for a city that is safe and equitable for all.

Kamal seeks out and forges partnerships for his collaborative vision of what Hudson needs to and could be. An example of this is Hudson UP, a basic income pilot created by The Spark of Hudson and Humanity Forward. The initiative is being designed in collaboration with the community and is championed by Kamal.

Upon entering office, he was immediately faced with the issues posed by COVID-19.  Partnering to create the Shared Streets programHudson Safe, WiFi hotspots, and more, Kamal has helped the city get on top of one of the hardest years on record.

Kamal graduated from Columbia Greene Community College and SUNY New Paltz with degrees in History & Early Childhood Education.

Kamal was also able to share some of the fun of his job, like when MTV star Johnny Bananas came and met him and received a personal tour of the City of Hudson with Kamal as his guide – showcasing and live streaming to Johnny’s thousands of followers.

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