Mini Moxie Episode Labor Day

Season 1 - Episode 18

Here we are again. It’s another rascally federal holiday that falls on a Moxie Monday.

Today it’s Labor Day. According to the Department of Labor website, Labor Day honors the achievements and contributions of American workers to the social and economic vitality of this country.

It started in the late 19th century as a holiday recognized by municipal governments and labor leaders. On June 28, 1894, it became a federal holiday.

To honor Labor Day, we gave our guests the day off. Instead, Thorunn and Mary are hosting a Mini Moxie episode to talk about work and hacks to make work seem less like work. They also explore how moxie is about putting in the work, keeping the larger picture in mind, and taking baby steps.


If you have the day off. We hope you’re doing something that fills you up. If you’re working–thank you!

United States Department of Labor History of Labor Day Labor Day 2022

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