Ned Sullivan

Season 1 - Episode 8

Ned Sullivan locates the roots of his moxie in his relationship with the outdoors. Pivotal experiences in nature have helped him navigate change and uncertainty, as well as cultivate leadership and collaboration skills and the ability to change his focus and direction when circumstances necessitate it.

Ned has been the president of Scenic Hudson for two decades. He and his passionate team develop ever-evolving strategies to magnify the organization’s positive impacts on the natural resources and people of the Hudson Valley. They inspire the organization to strengthen its record of connecting residents and visitors with the power of the Hudson River and Valley through land preservation, parks, and advocacy.

Under his leadership, Scenic Hudson has become a pioneering force in natural climate solutions, building on a track record of protecting 50,000 acres of land, including nearly 20,000 acres on over 130 productive farms. It now is developing regenerative agriculture districts — sub-regions where the organization will inject capital by purchasing development rights on farms transitioning to regenerative practices and provide resources to help farms develop climate-smart plans and adopt carbon/methane sequestration methods.

Ned founded the Northeast Carbon Alliance, a consortium of research farms, forest managers, wetland stewards, climate scientists, and public policy experts committed to accelerating the adoption of regenerative practices. Participating research farms are incorporating and monitoring their climate-smart practices, laying the groundwork to share results with working farmers. The scientists include leaders in their fields at the Woods Hole New York State Climate Action Council, Agriculture and Forestry Oceanographic Institute, Marine Biological Laboratory, Cary Institute, and Black Rock Forest. The public policy team is advancing cutting-edge practices in New York, the Northeast, and nationally.

Ned is a member of the New York State Climate Action Council, Agriculture, and Forestry Advisory Council, developing recommendations for policies, laws, and just transitions to achieve the net-zero carbon goal under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

Prior to joining Scenic Hudson, Ned served as Environmental Commissioner of Maine, deputy commissioner of New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation, and a vice president and managing director at the Bank of Boston.

He holds degrees from Williams College and Yale University.


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