Pieter Lefferts

Season 3 - Episode 3

Pieter Lefferts is a visual artist, author, and musician who draws deeply from the natural world for creative inspiration and moxie. Over the years he has sought deeper communion with Nature to find balance and better understand himself and the world around him. In this work, he eschews perfection and instead embraces authenticity and intentionality, wherein perfection unfolds as the sum of the parts of an idea explored and life lived.

Pieter is a student of shamanism, indigenous wisdom, science, and natural history, which, in combination, inform his artistic process. He is a lover of stories and people and strives to live his life with humor, grace, and a reliable Adirondack guide boat from which to paint.

His award-winning artwork is in national and international collections. He has received numerous awards for his artistry and as an arts educator. Litchfield Magazine named him one of Litchfield County’s 50 Most Influential People of 2012.

Widely collected, his work has been juried into the renowned Pastel Society of America’s annual ‘Enduring Brilliance’ exhibition in New York City and the Northeast National Pastel Exhibition in Old Forge, NY, in which he received the Lee Award for artistic excellence. He exhibits in group shows throughout the region, including Keene Arts in Keene, NY. His recent solo exhibit at the DM Hunt Library in Falls Village, CT, included an Earth Day reading from his award-winning novel, What The Kek Kek Saw, a fable published by UnCollected Press in 2022 and chosen as a Nautilus Book Awards Gold Winner for Young Adult Fiction in 2023.

Pieter is the founder of Northlight Art Center, located in Amenia, NY, a venue for aspiring artists to study with him in a professional atelier environment. He is a master teaching artist whose knowledge of techniques and materials, coupled with his wit and wisdom, encourages students of all backgrounds to pursue their personal discovery through making art.


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