Stephanie Stanton

Season 1 - Episode 6

Stephanie Stanton is the owner and founder of High Vibe Chick where she is an empowerment coach & branding photographer for intuitive women. She also facilitates a community of high vibe chicks for mutual support and encouragement.

Stephanie’s work with clients involves helping them listen to their intuition, embrace their imperfections, and move into greater self-awareness and empowerment. Her journey and approach to life are full of moxie. Stephanie has evolved from a wilderness educator and photographer to her transformational coaching practice. She continues to release herself from “not-enoughness” and self-doubt and show other women how to do the same.

She asserts that she, along with her clients, is a work in progress. Forward momentum, setbacks, doubts, fears are all part of our lives and Stephanie works with women to embrace what is serving them and let go of what isn’t.

Fun and freedom are the way for her clients. Part of her approach includes an empowering photoshoot to capture the confidence and high vibe energy of her clients.

Stephanie offers anyone who identifies as a woman and feels inspired to raise their vibration a free and powerful coaching session. Listeners can contact Stephanie through her website.


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