Susan Gibson

Season 1 - Episode 14

Susan Gibson brings her moxie to the volunteer world, sharing her observations and advice so others can discover how international volunteerism and travel, as well as local involvement, can change the world, their communitiesand themselves.

She is the author of How to be an Amazing Volunteer Overseas, a guide based on her 35 years of experience in the NGO (non-governmental organization) world. During that time, she worked and volunteered in 70 countries.

In our conversation, Susan describes her early work in microfinance as a vehicle to empower people, particularly women, through small loans. She explains how those experiences abroad shaped her view on what it means to help others and how to do it in a way that they build capacity–and moxie–for themselves.

In 1992, Susan went to Bangladesh, where she got her training in microfinance at Grameen Bank from Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus. From 1992-2001, Susan was a consultant providing technical assistance and conducting workshops in team building, communications, and microfinance principles for NGOs, UN agencies, and donor governments.

Susan has served on the board of the Thomson Reuters Foundation and the International Rescue Committee in the UK and remains involved in refugee issues. She was Vice-Chair on the Carter Center UK board and was Co-Chair of the Human Rights Watch London Committee.

Susan was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, and lived in New York and London before moving to Washington DC with her husband and son in 2021. She’s laying down roots and exploring ways to make a volunteer impact in her new home city.

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