Unlocking Connecticut’s Lora and Bev

Season 1 - Episode 25

Lora Karam and Bev Canepari are unlocking the riches of Connecticut one town at a time through their website, blog, and social media platform, Unlocking Connecticut.

In this episode of Main Street Moxie, Lora and Bev discuss their joyous exploration of the fabulous small businesses, stores, food and dining, art and culture, recreation and natural beauty, and events and people of the Nutmeg State–and beyond.

In this episode, they explore their origin story, their belief in the power of the Universe and a synched Google calendar, and their admiration for the small businesses that are the bedrock of the towns they explore.

Lora and Bev’s exuberant moxie shines as they describe their pivotal train journey, where they mused about sharing what they love about where they live with others. They immediately began taking baby steps to make it happen.

They have grown Unlocking Connecticut and expanded its content for almost eight years. Lora and Bev are now unlocking towns in other states and countries. Their goal is always the same: to have local–and now global–fun and help others do the same.

Lora is all about the visual. She is a photographer who captures the people and settings in images. Bev is the wordsmith, describing their outings and adventures. Together they bring zest and enthusiasm and make moxie fun!


Unlocking Connecticut

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