Season 1 - Episode 16

We’re bringing the average guest age way down and amping up on the moxitude in this episode with Vemilo. He brings energy, wisdom, creativity, and love to his moxie. He talks about the power of chosen families and a good bargain, using performance to heal, the life-changing experience of summer camp, and the support he feels from his local community for his life, work, and art.

Vemilo is a pop performance artist whose purpose in life is to break through boundaries and stigmas to bring people together through music, fashion & visual journeys. Legend has it that he is the artistic love child of Lady Gaga & Prince.

His performances are an inclusive dance ministry of self-acceptance for all races, paces, cultures, and creeds. He is a homegrown Millerton, NY, original. Whether vamping down Main Street in Millerton, healing guests at the Watershed Center, or divining on a concert stage, Vemilo’s courage, talent, and heart make magic happen and bring out the best in everyone he encounters.

He was born Javon Moore and rebirthed himself as Vemilo Leonidas Evergreen.  During his childhood, Javon coped with an unstable homelife by creating new worlds of his own – from Barbie fashion shows to virtual world tours performed from his grandmother’s living room. Javon found his peace through writing songs, dancing, and drawing. Javon chose a sober path for his life early on – a Shirley Temple is his ‘drink’ of choice – learning instead to take time to pause and reflect as a way to channel positive energy into his creative work and life.

Early in life, his grandmother was his source of unwavering support as a loving presence. One day while spending time with her, he playfully tried on one of her wigs, and looking into the mirror, a world of possibilities unfolded before his eyes. In 2012, as a freshman in high school, he began wearing wigs to school, an early step on his journey to transcend stigma and win over people from all walks of life. His dyslexia made school a challenge, but he made the most of his time in high school, working on his craft, connecting with others, and exploring his infinite capacities as a visual learner.

With this incredible, loving, chosen family at his back, Vemilo is inspired to continue his remarkable journey of discovery, expression, and unity. He is an example that the bruises and scars of the past do not define a person. His whole heart desires to pass on to others the blessings he has been given.

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