2023 That’s A Wrap – The Year in Review

Season 2 - Episode 11

Another moxie-filled year has passed with fascinating guests from all walks of life. In our monthly episodes, our guests joined the ranks of Honorary Agents of Moxie. We hope you found their stories as interesting and inspiring as we did.We are incredibly grateful to you, our listeners, for tuning in to hear the fascinating stories of our guests–people like you who have embraced courage, learned from failure, and evolved as humans.In our 2023 episodes, you can listen as:

Leo Marzen flexes financial moxie muscle

Nadim Sadek brings moxie to his entrepreneurial spirit and pursuits

Jenny Hansell grows into her moxie through leadership

Clem Loew recounts the moxie of his mother and how that example paved the way for his own life of moxie

Kelley Vickery looks for places where an unfilled need exists and then fills it

Michael Kevin Baldwin uses acting and theater as a platform for developing moxie

Faye Hess cooks her way to living life her way with grace and moxie

Janine Gordon senses her moxie muscle as a young adult and looks for opportunities to keep strengthening it

Simon Critchley backs his moxie up with philosophy, thought, and action

Pano Koukopoulos hiking and climbing his way to higher moxie summits

Thank you to all of our 2023 sponsors who have made this podcast possible. We couldn’t do it without them. Support them whenever possible.

Over and out, 2023! Bring it on 2024! We’ll be scouting our moxie and bringing it right to you!

Have a healthy and joyful holiday season and a 2024 filled with all good things—including moxie!

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